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How Do You Get Water Out of Your Headlights?

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How Do You Get Water Out of Your Headlights?

Water in the car's headlights is called water mist. This is due to the tightness of the headlights, which can lead to water ingress when it rains or when cleaning. When the temperature difference between the inside and outside is large, fog will form. Many people usually use warm air drying to remove water mist when the lights enter the water, but this is an incorrect way for the headlights. Today's car lights are generally monolithic. There is also a back plate to protect the lamp body behind the transparent lampshade. High-temperature baking will also cause the adhesive glue between the two to melt, increasing the water intake of the lamp possibility.


Below I will introduce several reasons for water ingress of car lights and corresponding measures, I hope it will help.


How Do You Get Water Out of Your Headlights?


Several reasons for water ingress of car lights and corresponding measures

Reason one: The back cover vent pipe may be an important reason for the water in the headlight of the car. The moisture in the air will enter the car lights and attach to the lampshade through it. As the water vapor gathers, the water drops will flow down the lampshade. This situation is mostly caused by large temperature differences, and it is most likely to occur in winter and rainy seasons.


One of the measures: the solution to this situation is relatively simple. The driver friend need not worry too much. After the lamp is turned on for a period of time, the mist will be discharged out of the lamp with the hot air through the ventilation pipe, which will basically not damage the lamp and electrical circuits. In this case, driver friends must not take light actions. For example, do not bake car lights. Doing so can easily damage the lights. The extra heat can easily bake the plastic lampshade. Most of this damage is irreparable.


Reason two: weather and human factors are also the reasons for the water in the car headlights, such as vehicles wading and washing cars. When the vehicle is wading, because the engine and the exhaust system are relatively large heat sources, a large amount of water vapor will be formed when the rainwater is sprayed on it. Along the air duct, some of the water vapor will enter the interior of the lamp. Car washing is even more straightforward. Some owners like to use high-pressure water jets to flush the engine compartment. After flushing, the accumulated water in the engine compartment is not treated in a timely manner. After the engine compartment cover is closed, water vapor cannot be quickly radiated to the outside of the car. Water vapor in the engine compartment may enter the interior of the lights.


One of the measures: the solution to the water ingress of car lights caused by human factors is that we should use cotton or cloth to wipe it, or use high-pressure air to blow, to avoid the "moisture" of the engine parts as much as possible.


In addition, there is a distinction between slight and severe water ingress. If the condition is serious, you must disassemble and open the lamp cover. After drying, check the surface of the lamp for damage or possible leakage. If no abnormality is found, we generally recommend replacing the headlight seals and air ducts. Remind in good faith: in winter and rainy seasons, it is best for car owners to develop the habit of regularly checking the lights. For example, a vehicle inspection is necessary after wading. Early detection and early remediation, and timely elimination of failures in the bud stage, this is the best choice for car maintenance.


In summary, it can be seen that there are multiple factors for the water ingress of the lights. We can choose the appropriate method to remove the water mist according to the above situation. At the same time, regular vehicle maintenance is also very important. It is easy to buy a car and difficult to maintain. If you want to keep your car healthy, you need to develop the habit of regularly checking the car. Especially in winter and rainy seasons, it is necessary to repair the lights.