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How Were Car Headlights Invented?

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How Were Car Headlights Invented?

How Were Car Headlights Invented?

The Invention of Acetylene Headlights

It is said that the first car headlight was a household portable light. When a driver lost his way in the dark wilderness in 1887, a farmer led him home with a portable lamp. In 1898, the Columbia electric car used electricity for headlights and taillights, and the lights were born. At first, the headlights could not be dimmed, so it was dazzling when meeting the car. To overcome this shortcoming, an additional brightness adjuster was later adopted. Therefore, the gasoline headlights used before 1925 were almost all acetylene headlights.


The Invention of Electric Headlight

The second generation of headlight is the electric light source headlamps. In 1913, an inflatable incandescent light bulb with a spiral filament was introduced. Because of its high brightness, it opened up broad prospects for electric light source headlamps. However, due to the constraints of the automobile electrical equipment system at that time, electrical headlight was not widely used until 1925.


The Invention of High Profile Bright-Filled Bulbs

The third generation-dual-light wick headlamps equipped with electric headlamps with high profile bright-filled bulbs. As soon as they were mounted on a car, the driver's glare caused by the strong light of the headlights caused the driver to dazzle during the intersection. Serious problems in traffic accidents and crashes may happen.


In order to solve the problem of dazzling cars, in 1924, after the invention of the dual-light wick headlamp in Europe, the United States also appeared with a dual-filament bulb headlamp. The dipped beam system is divided into two types: the European system and the American system. The coordination of the two systems is one of the major issues in the development of automotive lighting in the world today.


The Invention of Asymmetric Low-Beam Headlamp

The fourth generation of the light is the asymmetric low-beam headlamp. The dual-beam wick headlamp system is a symmetrical low-beam system. The left and right sides of the low-beam type are exactly the same, so it is suitable for driving on the left and right sides.


The Invention of H4 Tungsten Halogen Headlamps

The fifth generation is the H4 tungsten halogen headlamps. The first batch of automotive headlamps equipped with tungsten halogen bulbs was produced by the French company "Spey" in 1964. The filament allows a higher working temperature than ordinary incandescent bulbs.


The Invention of HID Headlamps

The sixth generation is the HID headlamps. Modern automotive headlamps, represented by hid headlamps, have undergone a series of major changes in terms of light emission principles, structural forms, and manufacturing materials. HID xenon headlights emit light by high-voltage breakdown of inert gas ionization, which produces strong illumination, high color temperature, strong penetrating power, and saves energy. It is an ideal light source for automotive headlamps.


The Invention of LED Headlamps

The seventh generation is the LED headlamps. The latest research results in the United States show that in the next five years, white light high-power LED technology will greatly replace current lighting products, and will be suitable for various lighting of automobiles, including: headlights. Brake lights, fog lights, emergency lights, interior lighting, etc. LED has many advantages such as high safety, stable operation, power saving, long life, etc., and it is a development trend of future vehicle lighting.







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