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How to Use Car Headlights?

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How to Use Car Headlights?

When you wait for a car at an intersection, when the green light is on, you sometimes encounter the situation where the car in front does not move. Maybe it is a novice, nervous guy; a slow start, maybe the driver of the front car didn't pay attention to the change of the indicator light, and was distracted when waiting for the red light.


When encountering situation like this, it is obviously not appropriate to horn loudly. We can use the method of flashing a headlight instead of rough horn. When the headlights flash, usually the front car can realize that if there is no movement, flash the headlights again. Do not flash the headlights continuously. This will be disrespectful to people and easily cause the anti-reflection of the driver in front of your car.

How to Use Car Headlights?


Two Headlights Flash for Reminder and Double Jumps for Dissatisfaction

When driving on roads where road lighting is not sufficient, turning on the headlights is an important factor inducing a car accident. What should I do when I come to the car with the headlights on all the time? Maybe many riders will take the "tooth for tooth" approach, and everyone will turn on the headlights. This method is obviously not appropriate.


When encountering strong light and blinking eyes, it is likely that the other party forgot to turn off the far light, and riders can flash the headlights twice in a long distance before the fair to remind the other party to switch the lights when meeting the car. If the other party is indifferent, the rider can light up the double jump light to express dissatisfaction and tell the other party "You are flashing me, please switch the low beam."



The Headlights Flashes for "Agree" and "Reject"

On elevated or expressways and some ordinary roads, lanes are often merged. At elevated turns, traffic flows alternately. In this case, if the communication between the vehicle and the vehicle is not ideal, it may cause a collision accident.


When encountering parallel roads or vehicles alternately passing through the road, the lane-changing car first turns on the turn signal in advance, waits at the intersection of traffic flow, and tells the following vehicle "Can I change lanes?" If the following vehicle agrees, slow down and flash Clicking the headlights means "agree to change lanes"; if it is not convenient, even flashing the headlights a few times means "no, I don't agree".


There is a Problem with the Adjacent Car

In fact, in the language of the lights, there are also light reminders that indicate that other vehicles have problems and need to be checked by parking. If you have any problems with the car next to you, you can flash the headlights three times in succession to the front car, and then flash the headlights three times when the driver in front of the car notices the lights. Of course, if someone flashes three headlights at you, you should also pay attention to it. Maybe there is something wrong with your car. The rear car is giving you a kind reminder.



The Car Behind is too Close to the Car

Driving on the highway and maintaining a proper safety distance is an effective way to avoid accidents, but sometimes some people like to drive at high speed with the car and keep the distance relatively close. In this case, the driver of the front car must be scattered Part of the energy comes to "follow" the rear car, so it is inevitable to worry about whether the rear car will bump into itself because the brakes are not timely. At this time, the front car must find a way to give the rear car a little warning, tell the rear car not to follow it closely, and then use the brake lights.


In the process of driving on the highway, there is another use of the brake light, that is, when the rear car is too close to his car, the driver of the front car can gently step on the brake, prompting the rear car "You are too close to me, please keep a safe distance. "







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